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GSW Connections

'Security starts with Personal Identification'

In a world where online transactions and secure access requirements are ever increasing, GSWs technology provides a safe method of confirming a person’s identity whilst delivering a simple to use, secure, internet experience.

GSW have developed technology that secures and validates client connections over the Internet. This technology is available as a dedicated, secure USB device (Ke2 Introduction) or as an ‘on chip’ implementation for OEM’s and technical partners.

By combining unique chip based technology with a user’s personal knowledge, Password Protected Websites become less frustrating to access, thus allowing people more time to benefit from what the sites have to offer.

With GSW’s technology a person can, through a single physical identity and password, access the Internet and create a secure Browser session where their presence is protected and continuously validated. It is platform independent and leaves no footprint on the 'host machine'.

Continuous validation provides transaction sites with a unique connection between themselves and their consumers, enabling real time authentication, making access simple, confirmations easy and transactions safer.

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