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GSW Connections

'Security starts with Personal Identification'

In a world where online transactions and secure access requirements are ever increasing, GSWs technology provides a safe method of confirming a person’s identity whilst delivering a simple to use, secure, internet experience.

Usernames, Passwords, Security Tokens and PIN’s etc. do not confirm that the person using them is the individual authorised to do so, merely that they know the password or PIN. This is an inherent weakness and security risk when using any online service or application. GSW have developed secure wireless technology that secures connection and proves the user’s identity without doubt.
(Ke2 Introduction)
or as an ‘on chip’ implementation for OEM’s and technical partners.

By combining unique chip based technology with a user’s personal knowledge, Password Protected Websites become less frustrating to access, thus allowing people more time to benefit from what the sites have to offer.

With GSW’s technology a person can, through a single physical identity and password, access the Internet and create a secure Browser session where their presence is protected and continuously validated. It is platform independent and leaves no footprint on the 'host machine'.

Continuous validation provides transaction sites with a unique connection between themselves and their consumers, enabling real time authentication, making access simple, confirmations easy and transactions safer.

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